the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Company

MOOR Co.,Ltd.

Operation Director

Shinya Tsuchimoto

Postal Code



Main Office:
2-2-15, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Telephone number

03-4530-0370 (Weekdays 9;00 〜18:00, closed on Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays)


Economy Plan: 4,800 yen/month
Business Plan: 8,900 yen/month
Premium Plan: 14,800 yen/month
Executive Plan: 49,800 yen/month
There will be an extra charge for the Optional Plan.
We charge an initial registration fee for any type of plan.
※IVA included

The prices for goods do not include:

IVA, bank remitting charge

Your order is valid for:

One week after sending a mail of acceptance of your order

Time of delivery

It will depend on when you settle accounts and when you send us the necessary documents. You can begin to use the service 1-4 working days after we receive your payment and documents.

How to order:

Fill in the order form and send it to us. Agree to the user policy.

2.≪our company≫
We will send you an invoice to your mail account. You will also receive the address where you can send the identity verification documents.

Send us the identity verification documents and settle accounts.

4.≪our company≫
Confirm your payment and identity verification.

5.≪our company≫
We will communicate you of the beginning of the use of the service.

6.≪ our company ≫
We will send you documents in order to verify your address.

You will begin to use the service after having checked the information written in the mail and the documents that you received.

If the documents that we sent do not reach you, we will suspend immediately our service for you. It can be considered as the violation of our user policy. Please enter correct data in the order form.


Credit card, bank transfer, PAYPAL

Time for payment

In case of bank transfer, your payment is settled within 7 days after your order. You can settle accounts immediately if you use a credit card.


・How to cancel a contract
Send us the cancellation form by electronic data.

・Booking of your cancellation
When we send you a mail to tell you that we received your cancellation form, your cancellation is booked. If you express your request in another way or if we don’t send you the mail, the cancellation is not booked.
We cannot accept the cancellation while you keep a card key for a rented space.

・Time for cancellation
Please give us notice of your cancellation at least 14 days before. It takes more than 14 days for the procedure. If the procedure extends to the following month, we will charge another monthly fee.

・Costs for cancellation
Ex:If you notice your cancellation on May 20, we cancel the contract on June 4 at the earliest. In this case, another monthly fee will be charged and nothing will be reimbursed.
Costs other than the monthly fee will be charged even after the cancellation. In the case mentioned above, the costs charged from May 21 until June 4 will be invoiced on June 25.

・After the cancellation
After the cancellation, you cannot use the service any more. In case that you continue using our service, we will claim compensation for damages. We will also report it to the authorities as the case may be.

・Postal items
We will return to the senders all the postal items arriving to you after the cancellation.

Personal information after the cancellation
The Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds enforced in March 2008 requires us to keep transaction history and documents for seven years. We will keep your personal information under certain conditions of security using electronic media or paper media until the expiration date of the period. We will not use this information for other purposes, but as statistic data in such a way that no individual can be identified.


You can ask us in writing to cancel your contract within 30 days after its conclusion if you are not satisfied with our service. We will immediately reimburse you the initial registration fee of 9,800 yen and the first monthly fee. We will not bear the expenses that you paid after the order, such as costs for printing.