Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

We, 1 STOP BUSINESS CENTER, will protect your personal information and keep it safely as per our privacy Policy.

The aim of personal information acquisition

This site might ask you to supply personal information such as your mail account, name, address and your credit card’s number for the registration, for the purchase of our products, for our campaign and for inquiries aimed at improving our service. The use of personal information will be limited; provide the service that you ordered from us, such as the delivery of goods or the sending of e-mails collect statistics to improve our service

The aim of personal information acquisition

Our site will not reveal your personal information to a third party except;
1.when you have already agreed provide the services that you wish to use (only the necessary information will be communicated to outsourcing firms)
Only the necessary information for the service will be communicated to outsourcing firms. These companies have the duty to protect personal information, and using them for other
purposes is forbidden.
For the delivery of goods:your name, address and information on the goods
・Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
・Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
When we communicate personal information to a third party that guarantees the same degree of the protection of personal information as ours, and we have made a non-disclosure agreement entailing the duty of confidentiality, the prohibition of the redistribution, and the sharing of responsibilities in case of incident
When Judicial branches, such as a Court of Justice, the Police, or the Public Prosecutors Office, or Administrative Bodies require us to reveal personal information through legal obligation.
When this site considers it necessary to protect the right, the property, and the security of this site or of a third party.

Safety management of personal information

To keep personal information under the strict control, this site takes necessary measures, such as the maintenance of the security system and the development of the internal management system,

Use of personal information

This site will use your personal information for the above-mentioned aims. If we use them for other purposes, we will ask your agreement in advance.
Modification and Suspension of use of personal information
If you wish to modify or suspend the use of your personal information, please let us know by e-mail. We will take immediate steps after identifying you.


supplementary provisions:came into force on 25 June, 2010