Meeting Room

Once you join us, you will have access to all meeting rooms. You are allowed to use our meeting rooms minimum from 1 hour.
In Tokyo, 7 meetings rooms in Aoyama, and more in other following areas;
and more to come

Outside of Tokyo;
●Shinsaibashi Osaka
●Minami-Horie Oosaka
●Sappro Hokkaido

1.User Friendly cost! CHEAP!!

Prime located meeting room are available from \1,000 per hour during weekday before 6pm! You can make room reservation from minimum of one hour.

WEEKDAY 9:00-18:00 1,000yen/hour
Weekend and weekday after 6pm 1,500yen/hour
Maximum of 6-8 people

WEEKDAY 9:00-18:00 2,000yen/hour
eekend and weekday after 6pm 3,000yen/hour
Maximum of 6-8 people

【Azabu Juban】
WEEKDAY 9:00-18:00 1,000yen/hour
WEEKEND after 6pm 1,500yen/hour
WEEKEND 3,000yen/hour

【Discount Coupon ticket】
12 Hours ¥10,000 (2 hours free and it applies for Weekend and Weekday after 6pm, Ebisu and Azabu-Juban need 2hours for one hour-use.)
30 Hours ¥25,000 (5hours free and it applies for weekend and weekday after 6pm, Ebisu and Azabu Juban need 2 hours for one hour-use.)

Discount coupon ticket is for clients whom use meeting rooms occasionally. Discount Coupon ticket enables to pay by either credit card or bank-transfer in advance.

2.Meeting rooms features for FREE

Large size monitor
Web camera for video conference
Wifi network
Wired network cable
Coat hanger
Electronic air cleaner
Free drinks
Free snacks
Name plates(you will need production cost)

3. Interior 

Beautifully designed furniture and compact yet comfortable meeting rooms. You will enjoy the view from meeting rooms on 13th and 14th floor of Aoyama building.

4.Online-easy Reservation system

1sbc-center-membersWe have our own online reservation system for meeting rooms. You will be able to log in and easily book or cancel your reservation.