About Us


We as 1 STOP BUSINESS CENTRE believe that we are at the era for those who intended to rise for challenge.

It’s been awhile the world experiences long down turn. Companies have been experienced deficit, and the news we hear today is quite disheartening. Common sense meant nothing any more.

However, we believe new era has come for those who individuals who are ready to up for challenge.

Possibilities are open for new services if we have decided to pursuit and decide to give out to the world. We can start things from the ground.

We can start to open own shop if you have a week do by using technology. And that service should not for one particular country.

One computer allows free to live anywhere in the world. It allows us free from travel to your workplace on packed trains.

Isnt’ that great?

All we need is little courage.

Individuals must have responsibilities for their own action, and independent for their livings that would bring spirit happiness in society

We as 1 STOP BUSINESS CENTRE would love to support those individuals and in the way that we contribute society by helping them.


1sbc-h2-service-address-img1STOP BUSINESS CENTER
2-2-15 Minami-aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Tokyo Metoro「Aoyamaicchoume Station」
(Oedo line・Ginza line・Hanzomon line)
※One minutes walk from the Station

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